Because of nearly 30 years of experiences with pharmaceutical construction of plants, DEWA is able to engineer the ideal plant design for the customer specific production. DEWA supports the determination of the costumers pure media need and with the preparation of the URS (user requirement specification). Furthermore DEWA offers the complete calculation and project handling with FAT and SAT until the final handover.

Assessment of demand of media

with best practice we determine the daily requirements, peak demands, pressures and temperatures, which are required, with consideration of possible damages and drop outs. This information are needed for dimension of production, storage and allocation of the pure media.

Development of the media supply concept

On basis of the identified media consumption, we work out an ideal supply concept. This includes the dimension of the generation plant, the storage capacity, the pressure power, the needed heat exchanger, as far as the needed sensors, armatures and control. We also regard the eventual required redundances.

Creating the requirement specification

Out of the supply concept we get an entire specification, with support of the specification bricks. This is the basis for creating the URS (User Requirement Specification). When you create the URS and the service specification, DEWA can support you.

Execution planning

This you can work out together with the project execution ore separate. The execution planning includes the layout, the P&ID piping- and instrumentation diagram, the plan with piping rout. Furthermore it includes the final lining of the producers, the pipes, pumps, vessels, heat exchangers, measure instruments and armatures.

Risk analysis

Following to the execution planning we create the generally risk analysis concerning the right GMP execution, like claimed.

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