Pure Water

Pure Water generation plant ELRO

Pure Water or Aqua Purificata is needed for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals which must be neither sterile nor pyrogen free.

Water for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, which will be brought into the human body, on peronal way, must be pure water. For the manufacturing of paranteralia (e.g. infusion solution) WfI water for injection is required. In the European medical book there stated the quantity of the organic parts which can consist of cell rests and proteins.

The European medical book requires to the quality of purified water the following conditions:

  • conductivity ≤ 1,1 μS/cm at 20°C
  • bacterial endotoxine < 0,25 IE/ml (around 25 mg/l)
  • total organic carbon (TOC) ≤ 0,5 mg/l
  • nitrate ≤ 0,2 mg/l

Therewith a production plant for ultra pure Aqua Purificata is available without any application of chemicals and low energy consumption.

  • DEWA de ionisation plants are “Turn Key Units” which are mounted as complete units on a stainless steel skid. All connecting pipes after the super filtration are orbitally welded.
  • DEWA builds plants from a capacity of 30 h/l on up to several thousands litres per hour.
  • All product contacted parts of the plant are made of high-grade steel, grade AISI 316L or higher, with a high surface quality.
  • Plants are working fully automated. Double-survey of water quality is effected through conductivity measurement devices.

All advantages at a glance

  • suitable execution for pharmacy
  • qualificable
  • no chemical use
  • energy efficiency
  • "Turn Key Unit“
  • fully automatic
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