After start up and handover a plant to the customer, we offer an extensive after sales service. Therefore the customer needs to conclude a service contract, which could get completed with a 24h on-call duty. We get the following service dates done and we support you in event of disruption with our service technicians and service quantities.


The service we operate regularly and isochronous. We care about getting the appointments done in time. Therefore we offer a proper service contract.


For accuracy the measure instruments which are needed for the GMP, getting calibrated each year.

On-call duty

We offer an on-call duty, which also can be used during night and weekend, if needed. This offers a high level on safety regarding to the availability of your plants.

Repair and exchange

If it is needed to repaire a plant or parts need to be exchanged, during a service or because of an interference, we get this done immediately. This also counts for machines from other manufacturers, as far as possible.

Fast availability of spare parts

For a fast reaction, we keep an extensive storage of spare- and expendable parts, which grows with our installed plants.

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